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Don't speak out of pain

I have always said that I’m not a girl’s girl and then I started saying I’m not a people person. Well….my mindset totally shifted when I read a quote by Morgan Richard Oliver that said, “You don’t hate people. That’s your pain talking. You love people. You hate the fact that the genuine strength of your love has been manipulated, mishandled, or misunderstood in the past which makes you fearful to love and trust to that extent now.”

Whew! This quote is a whole productive therapy session in itself. It took me a full week to really process and then eventually dissect the reality of how I’ve been speaking through pain and the disappointment of being mishandled. With that said, yes, it’s true, I love people, therefore I’ve made the decision going forth that I will be intentional in not shutting people out because God designed me to connect and interact with people…. His people

I attended a women’s retreat this past weekend and I truly enjoyed myself. I made connections and was intentional about being open to meeting new women.

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