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Mrs. Gloria Richardson

I discovered Gloria Richardson last year during my quest to comb through almost every literary work about the civil rights movement. I sought to become knowledgeable on the quintessential unsung women of this monumental movement. When I came across the image of Gloria Richardson giving a cold blooded side eye (that was so dope) and exuding dominance in that volatile

situation, I was hooked. The deputy attempting to intimidate her with his weapon, didnt have a chance. See, many times people have tried to use intimidation, manipulation and even blackmail to silence me. To their surprise, every single time I didn’t give in, I bravely stayed true to myself and preserved my peace. “You got the right one today!”, is my motto. And when you see my side eye, know that “I wish you would.”, is as good as being written on my forehead. I live an honest life and I tell the truth even if it is uncomfortable. My side eye is fierce and my peace will be protected at all cost.

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